life consists on chapters – there is no better book then
the one written by yourself – make it a beautiful story

"Kryształowe rafy"

The world held its breath when in the early 20s of the twenty first century a dangerous virus spread to every corner of the globe, killing millions of people and arousing omnipresent terror …

"Testament Darwina"

There is nothing which can stop a human to get an overwhelming power…

"Perła Będzina"

One night in the deepest darkness, in a forest which belongs to Duchy of Siewierz, a tragic thing has taken place. During a dramatic chase a man was killed for a silver tube which hides a treasure map.

"Tajemnica Orlego Gniazda"

Three friends get an anonymous message about a treasure hidden in Bobolice. Misunderstanding? Stupid joke?

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