A normal person sees something and knows what it is
– an artist can see it and knows what it could be

Canvas oil painting

Most of my work is oil painting on canvas but I still consider myself a beginner. I started to learn this technique only in 2013 and I see there are still many things to discover. What I am mainly happy about is the fact that finally, after a few years, I know exactly what I want to paint, not just what everybody else wants me to make. I guess I can call it “artistic maturity”. I am happy to say that two friends of mine were so kind to let me showcase my paintings at their private apartments so people from all over the world have an opportunity to see it. Two very special persons Krzyś & Adrian from OK Apartments in Cracow – thank you guys! You are the best!


Besides oil painting I make other handcrafts: drawings, watercolor paintings on paper, little things made of wood, graphics, even small furnitures! The most important is to have fun and be sure that whatever I do is because I feel like doing it and because I love it! Too bad I didn’t make pictures of all of these things before letting them go as gifts 🙂 But I keep working on the new ones.

my friendly partners

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