Do one thing every day that scares you – Eleanor Roosevelt

The only failure is not to try – George Clooney

Scuba diving

Imagine that you are scared to death of water. Like arachnophobia, but instead of spiders it is the water which paralyzes you. It is not only fear about this overwhelming deep darkness with scary and dangerous creatures living in it, but the unbelievably impossible feeling of putting a single leg into the water. Hmm, sounds like a thriller but this is exactly what I felt for 35 years! Not anymore 🙂 If there is anything I could say about underwater worlds is that it’s fascinating, beautiful and a very special. Learning how to swim was the hardest problem I had to face however the best I could ever do. I won! But making a step more and starting a scuba diving activity – was ever BETTER!

Horse riding

My adventures with horse riding started maaaaany years ago. First, I was just impressed by the beauty of these animals. Then I saw many more advantages in this sport – mainly a good opportunity to exercise. But I finally understood that horse riding is something more – it’s a holistic therapy. You forget about all your problems, about all the world, there is nothing else but just you and a horse in a wonderful harmony. If you still didn’t try – don’t waste time!


You will never know if you like something unless you try. And this is what I usually do: give it a try. There is nothing wrong with trying even if you stop after the first time – this was the case of skiing for me, going down from a quite flat hill that was definitely one time too much! Haha! I didn’t like it and I will never EVER like it in my life 🙂 But at least I wouldn’t say I didn’t try. There are some other activities which stay with me even if I don’t do it very often. Such things are mountain hiking, canoe trips and motorbikes.

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