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Awards & congratulations letters

there is nothing better than when your heart begins to beat faster and a smile spreads across your face when you realize that someone appreciates your work – not only appreciate it, but
also is able to understand how hard it is to follow your dreams and achieve your goals when all the world is telling you “No!” – I’m so lucky to know such people – I always used to say that even if there are hundred people laughing at your work it still makes sense to do it for one person who loves it – the rest doesn’t matter 🙂

Events & meet the author sessions

no artist would be happy if there wasn’t interest in their work – so from time to time it is good to meet people, talk with them about their feelings regarding your creativity, even if sometimes it comes with disappointment – every constructive opinion is something new to learn about myself – some pictures from a previous events can be found here.

Press & articles

there are some local newspapers or periodicals which publish some articles about previous events of which I have participated and sometimes I have the opportunity to share my opinions and talk a little about future goals ( in art or any of my activities) – well, it is still not Forbes (hehe), but who knows, who knows… 🙂 anyway – at this moment it is only for Polish speaking readers, however I promise to do all my best so one day all persons will be able to read it in any language!

You can find me here